Interest in Land Advisory services is growing

22. 05. 2024

Nhood Services Poland is expanding its portfolio of Land Advisory services clients. On behalf of Ceetrus Poland, the company facilitated the transaction to conclude a conditional agreement for the acquisition of a property in Góraszka by Leroy Merlin. On a plot covering 55,000 square meters, a large-area building supply store will be established, enriching the retail offer of the mixed-use Góraszka Project complex.

The Land Advisory services offered by Nhood Services Poland include a comprehensive analysis of property development possibilities, considering both functional and financial aspects. The company also provides traditional brokerage services for real estate transactions.

“With the broad range of expertise within our team, we can conduct a thorough feasibility analysis of the project, paying particular attention to the optimal use of the property and the potential financial benefits. Our activities include identifying the best solutions, conducting business negotiations, and providing legal support necessary for completing property sale and purchase transactions. We strive to provide our clients with a comprehensive service that contributes to achieving the best results,” explains Marcin Stokowiec, Head of Development (DEV) at Nhood Services Poland.

On behalf of Ceetrus Poland, Nhood Services Poland facilitated the transaction of the conditional agreement for the acquisition of a property in Góraszka by Leroy Merlin. The Land Advisory service included full transaction support regarding business, technical, and legal aspects.

“The Nhood Services Poland team is expanding its portfolio of services for the real estate industry to broadly support the most important business processes related to development projects. We direct our Land Advisory service to investors, developers, and property owners planning to buy, sell, or develop their properties. I’m delighted that our efforts have brought Leroy Merlin on board the Góraszka Project,” emphasizes Marcin Stokowiec, Head of Development (DEV) at Nhood Services Poland

“The smooth execution of the transaction in cooperation with the Nhood Services Poland team brings us closer to the planned opening of our next facility on the map of the Warsaw metropolitan area, in a location attractive to customers,” says Rafał Krzepkowski, Development Director at Leroy Merlin. The subject of the transaction was a property covering 55,000 square meters designated for a Leroy Merlin store.

The facility will have full infrastructure, including utilities, access roads, and parking, integrated with the planned mixed-use investment of the Góraszka Project.

Marcin Stokowiec explains that Nhood Services Poland currently serves as a Development Manager for Ceetrus, which is financing the project on its own, but does not rule out a partnership.

“As a representative of the investor, we will be particularly interested in analyzing the benefits that may arise from potential partnerships in the implementation of the Góraszka Project. We are aware of the importance of partnership relations in real estate investments. In the context of the Góraszka Project, we would be happy to enter into discussions with potential industry or financial partners. Such a partnership can bring benefits to both parties through the synergy of competencies and resources. We will be open to analyzing the potential benefits of such a partnership, which can positively impact the project,” adds Marcin Stokowiec.

Nhood Services Poland provides comprehensive services for the real estate industry covering three business lines – Property & Asset Services (PAS), Development (DEV), and Resources, Fund & Investment (RFI).