Nhood is expanding its team and developing competences

25. 11. 2021

Nhood Poland is working on new mixed-use projects and expanding its range of services for partners on the retail market. It covers the company’s key competences, including asset management, development services, as well as real estate development and management. Two directors have joined Nhood Poland – Joanna Kłusek, who took the position of Asset Management Director, and Marcin Stokowiec, Development Director.

Nhood Poland is responsible for 24 Ceetrus Poland facilities, including 22 Auchan Shopping Centres, Galeria Bronowice and Galeria Łomianki. It fulfils a leasing mandate for 28 facilities with the Auchan hypermarket, manages a land bank with an area of 230 hectares, and also implements new mixed-use investments. In the future, Nhood wants to expand its catalogue of services and cooperate with new business partners. That is why it is expanding its team and developing competences.


New asset management department in Nhood Poland

This year, an asset management team was established in the company’s structures, responsible for creating and implementing real estate management strategies, ensuring property value growth, improving cash flow and ensuring the profitability of implemented projects. The asset management department is responsible for activities aimed at increasing the value of the land bank operated by Nhood Poland.

Joanna Kłusek, Asset Management Director, is responsible for implementing the asset management strategy. She joined the team in 2021 and has over 13 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. Before joining Nhood Poland, she headed the Retail Asset Services department at Cushman & Wakefield for nearly 6 years.

– The Nhood portfolio includes numerous properties with a diversified market position. The task facing my team is to create a strategy that will increase their value, optimize costs and revenues, as well as ensure positioning that allows for a sustainable increase in the results generated by these properties. The activities of the asset management team also include Ceetrus’s extensive land bank and development projects – says Joanna Kłusek, Asset Management Director at Nhood Poland. – Thanks to the international know-how of Nhood and many years of experience in the market, we are open to collaborating with external partners – she adds.

Personnel changes in the development department

The new investments on which Nhood is working across Europe fit into the concept of a fifteen-minute city and create a new urban fabric, positively influencing the environment in three areas – People, Planet, Profit. In Poland, Nhood is working intensively on several mixed-use projects. Due to the multidimensional nature of the implemented projects, Nhood Poland is expanding its development team responsible for the preparation and implementation of investments. Since October this year, it is managed by Marcin Stokowiec, Development Director.

Marcin Stokowiec has several years of expert experience in the retail industry. Before he started working with Nhood, he held managerial positions at Apsys Poland, Mace Poland and Plaza Centers and was responsible for the implementation of significant investments on the Polish commercial real estate market.

– The department of new investments and real estate development at Nhood Poland implements unique, interdisciplinary projects on a large scale. We undertake extensive activities, including participatory design, work closely with local administration, and coordinate the work of many external entities involved in the preparation and implementation of investments. Combining these areas is an ambitious task. I hope that thanks to the cooperation of the team and many years of experience in the industry, we will achieve many successes on the Polish market – says Marcin Stokowiec, Development Director at Nhood Poland.


Currently, the new investments department at Nhood Poland is implementing two multifunctional projects. The first is Wilanów Park in the Wilanów district of Warsaw – a modern and long-awaited project which is positively perceived by potential tenants already at the stage of development. The second mixed-use investment that the Nhood team is currently working on is the Piaseczno Project at the site of a former bus and trolleybus depot in Piaseczno near Warsaw. These modern investments will combine commercial functions, food services, entertainment, services, and office space. As a result, residents will be able to meet all their daily needs. The Nhood Poland team also plans to modernize and expand the existing Ceetrus shopping centres.


Service provider for the commercial real estate industry

Nhood Poland, along with the development of its team, plans to expand its portfolio of mandates and invites external entities to cooperate.

– Thanks to our unique experience resulting from our presence in 10 European countries and many years of experience in managing one of the largest portfolios in Poland, we can offer a wide range of professional services to entities from the retail industry. We encourage to contact our team’s new managers – says Ada Walentek, CEO of Nhood Poland.