Wilanów Park

The Wilanów Park will be a place which provides the residents of Wilanów and the surrounding areas with a multifunctional space. The investment area covers an area of over 7 hectares, two of which will include a city park and public spaces for residents. The design of the green area will be created as part of an open competition for architects. The competition guidelines were developed on the basis of the opinions of the local residents gathered during Neighbor Consultations, a series of consultations with the local community. The year-round conservatory building planned to be constructed this area will form a coherent green complex with the park. Commercial functions will cover less than 50% of the area. The rest of the space is provided for restaurants, entertainment, office and co-working spaces, and a hotel.


  • A public city park designed together with the local community
  • Public consultations on the development of green areas


  • A two-hectare city park that will ensure the biodiversity of the area
  • Solutions ensuring local retention of rainwater
  • The use of solar energy
  • City and cargo bike stations


  • Offices and co-working spaces
  • Development of local business – local tenants will co-create the offer