Mikołów Park

Mikołów Park is a modern retail park with an area of 5,400 sq. m. GLA. Designed to meet the expectations of both tenants and customers, the facility will become an integral part of Mikołów’s dynamic landscape.

The retail park will be harmoniously integrated into the existing urban fabric, thanks to its location in the neighborhood of the already existing Auchan Mikołów Shopping Center. This strategic location will allow the organic combination of the two facilities, creating a coherent retail environment.

The new space of the retail park will effectively expand the availability and variety of retail offerings, meeting the expectations of customers of Mikołów Park. It will be a place where shopping becomes a comprehensive experience, and the variety of stores and retail attractions will meet the needs of the local community.

The project includes a number of ecological solutions. Only renewable energy sources will be used to operate the facility, PV installation will power the lighting of parking lots and common spaces in the retail park.

The entire complex is planned to be planted with 30 trees and shrubs, while the facades in non-commercial areas will be covered with greenery of climbing plants.