Piaseczno Project

The Piaseczno project is a mixed-use investment that we are currently working on. On the site of the former trolleybus depot, a new multifunctional investment will be built, surrounded by greenery and recreational areas. The new place together with the facilities already present in the area will provide residents all the functions necessary in everyday life in accordance with the concept of a fifteen-minute city. The new investment will be built on the site of the former trolleybus depot in Piaseczno. The first stage of construction is to be completed by the end of 2023.


  • A new meeting place for the local community – a space with entertainment and food services with a spacious restaurant space and a friendly shopping area
  • The first cinema in town
  • Numerous recreational spaces such as places to rest and meet, and educational paths
  • Intimate residential development, where approximately 300 apartments of various sizes will be built


  • Lots of greenery, parks and gardens, also on the roofs of buildings
  • Modern sustainable energy solutions
  • Limited traffic


  • Modern office buildings and a hotel
  • The optimal location for public administration points, headquarters of institutions and companies
  • New workplaces